My recent adventures in Sunshine City

There is a place like no other place on earth. Some say to survive it, you must be mad as a hatter. I say you simply need a video camera, a love of adventure, and a taste for carrot cake.

“Where shall we go?” you ask.

Well, that all depends upon where you wish to end.
Let me show you where the road has taken me recently.

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Downtown Neighborhoods

The Magical pieces that make up Sunshine City

You may not already know—unless you’re lucky enough to be one of the 150,000 who already live in this vibrant slice of heaven—but Sunshine City is a land made of many smaller pieces, full of music and building-sized art and the most marvellous little cakes. What do these places have to offer, you ask?  

600 Block

Recently renovated, this strip of Central Avenue had its roses painted red and transformed from a nearly forgotten landscape into an up-and-coming district. Brimming with energy, this area offers a foothold in which young and established businesses alike can thrive. 

Snell Island

Fancy sipping on a cool glass of wine and watching dolphins frolic from your balcony? Look no further than Snell Island. Surrounded almost entirely by water, this prestigious area offers spectacular waterfront homes and incredible views.  

Edge District

Historic and happening, the Edge District vibrates with hustle and excitement. Situated in the shadows of downtown’s towers and offering something for everyone, this up-and-coming area is marked by courtyards and packed with culture. Fancy some dancing in the street while enjoying fine, fresh eats? Take yourself to the edge.   

Old Northeast

This historic neighborhood has a family-friendly feel, where block parties are still a feature and children play in the streets. Full of charming heritage houses, this two mile wide district has an active neighborhood association that works hard to maintain the area’s charm.  

Grand Central

Based around the 1st and Central Corridor of Downtown St. Pete, the Grand Central District is bustling with life. Chock full of locally-owned galleries, stores, boutiques, cafes and bars, this hip and happening area still has a laid-back, art-focused vibe—and it welcomes all.


Lined by historic, colorful houses and marked by brick streets, Uptown is regarded as the Key West of St. Pete. This diverse neighborhood cheerfully embraces its mix of residents—from professionals to artists to retirees. Within easy walking distance of restaurants and local shops and full of activities, there’s something for every walk of life in Uptown. 

Historic Kenwood

Located on a plateau fifty-feet above sea level, this U.S. historic district is a bungalow lover’s dream with 2,238 historic Craftsman and bungalow style homes spread across 125 blocks. It’s also an official “artist enclave.” And of course, I’m in love with Historic Kenwood’s sage, coral, lemon, and aqua colors!   

Crescent Heights

In Crescent Heights, neighbors are friends and your friends are your neighbors. Full of character, both in residents and houses, the area sports an eclectic mix of architectural eras—spanning everything from 1920s heritage homes to contemporary design. Best of all, you’re within easy walking distance to all amenities.   

You mean, I could live here?

A Bit About Your Adventuress

I’m known to discover as many as six impossibly sunny things before breakfast!

I’m Tracey Johnson, carrot cake connoisseur and a RE/MAX real estate agent who spends my days showing off gorgeous properties and vibrant neighbourhoods. I also create a wonderland’s worth of videos showing off Sunshine City living—eating, playing, learning, shopping—that makes this truly the best place in the world. While I love being an agent here, and do it rather well, I couldn’t simply sell homes for those already in the know. This place is just too great! I had to share the benefits of the land of sunshine with everyone—whether they’re living here or simply visit for a weekend. 

With the help of my two, trouble-making dogs, I’m exploring everything that makes Sunshine City an awesome freakin’ place. It’s an ongoing adventure, guys. A mission to discover all the hidden treasures Downtown St. Pete has to offer.    

Yes, You Can Live Here!

I know real estate and am ready to help you find your own slice of this paradise. Downtown St. Pete is my backyard and favorite thing to talk about. If you’re interested in moving to Sunshine City, let’s start the adventure.

Show Me Sunshine City

Sunshine City is my passion project: showing you exactly why Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, is the greatest city on earth! While real estate is my day job, I got into it because of my love for the city and showing others just how great it is. Tracey in Sunshine City explores the art, culture, food, shopping and neighbourhoods of this sun-drenched land.

I like my videos the way I like my sandwiches—with no lettuce. That’s why I’m only bringing you the very best that Sunshine City has to offer. #FoodieFridays shows you the best local eats and #MySaturdayNight takes you to cultural hotspots and places where locals can paint the town red. And with #LivingLocally, we stroll along colorful streets and explore shopping gems—no white rabbits required.

What is Sunshine City?

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I’m Tracey and I’m falling down the sun-drenched rabbit hole that is Downtown St. Pete—what we call Sunshine City. 
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